2018 Officers and Committee Leaders

Our leadership provides coordination and guidance for the many activities of our guild.  We welcome you to contact them by email if you have questions or need any additional information – if they can’t help you, they will know who can!

President:  Kathy Reed  – kaddiessmom@yahoo,com

Vice-President:  Sandy Sanders  – grovequilt2@gmail.com

Secretary: Charlene Britt – athomecharlene@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Mary Ann Gallo – mgrn@aol.com

Community Service:  Marilyn Ekaitis – maekait@att.net

Historian:  Louise Ellis – lou837kg@gmail.com

Hospitality:  Jeaneen Wells – jsw743@yahoo.com

Membership:  Sandy Sanders – grovequilt2@gmail.com

Newsletter:  Kimberly Will – k.bruce.will@gmail.com

Prayer Quilts:  Donna Cole – cdcole@boltfiber,net

Programs/Education:  Sherbie Tollefson – sherbiesgt@gmail.com

Publicity:  Cindy Reynolds – cindy22reynolds@gmail.com

Sunshine:  Sandy Alger – quilter.alger@gmail.com

Ways and Means:  Jane Rowland – janewrowland@gmail.com

Website:  Carol Torline – ctors1@yahoo.com